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"Their story-telling skills were outstanding...Nothing like I have seen before."

" needs to go somewhere and be seen by more people.
Something this good deserves to be shared."


- Split the City

POMP, a full length work exploring ideas of ceremony, human socialising, and the outsider.


With a strong cast of five performers POMP takes you into a strange fictitious world, only slightly resembling our own. 


Supported by Pitch Platform, Canada Water Culture Space and Arts Council England.


Performed by John Chambers, James Morgan, Christopher Preece, Virginia Scudeletti and Esther Siddiquie. Directed by Jennifer Fletcher and Christopher Preece. Choreographed by Jennifer Fletcher and the performers. 


Lighting by Ben Pacey

Design by Elouise Farley

Music and Sound by Christopher Preece and John Chambers. 


Huge thanks to Adam Gray and Shira Hess. 

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