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Video Gallery

We love presenting our work alongside other artists. Onwards, Upwards, Sideways is a mixed bill of indefinable art and performance. Improvised stories, a clown with a shadow puppet show, film... This was filmed at our evening at the Mimetic Festival we produced. 

Onwards, Upwards, Sideways

Watch us try to explain the beginning of our piece to a startled audience, 22nd July 2013. 


"None of it made any sense." -

Excerpt from My Way/This Way

Here is a little document of our trip to Sweden in 2013, you'll hear beautiful insights from some of the other participating artists at the festival, about how they make their work and their experiences. 

TMEP at ABUNDANCE 2013, Karlstad

Behind POMP

Here is some rehearsal and interview footage to give an insight into our full-length work POMP, created 2015. 

POMP - Excerpt

Here is some footage of the first performance of POMP, from a passage near the conclusion of the piece, when a dislocated James must speak his speech to the wilderness, and the ensemble rejoins him. Recorded at Canada Water Culture Space, July 2015. 

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